Our Manifesto:

We believe that knowledge is the right of everyone and not simply a means to increase the profits of the greedy capitalist, and therefore we believe in spreading the literature of revolution on the widest possible scale. We do not respect copyright laws nor any other reactionary law which is imposed on us by the capitalists of this world, and we will break any law to aide the spread of progressive literature and to bring the world socialist revolution closer!

Aims of Socialist Stories

The main aim of this site is the free publication of progressive and revolutionary literature, for we want to liberate progressive books from luxurious bookstores and the homes of the rich, and thus we do not believe in copyright laws which raise the price of books or the very structure of publishing houses as companies whose interest is in profits over everything else. These laws prevent many from enjoying their right to knowledge, and make it very difficult for people to educate themselves on the reality of the conditions around them, and are solely in the interest of the brutal capitalism under which we live. We believe that the free acquisition of knowledge is a human right, and therefore we adamantly reject that the spread of books should depend on the interests of the oppressor class: unlike capitalists, we do not consider books and knowledge as simply a means to profits, and therefore we present to you all types of progressive literature freely, to liberate it from capitalist control.

The literature present on Socialist Stories

Some writers without principles maintain that literature does not have any specific aims, and that literature has to be: art for art's sake. This idea is present throughout the world, and everyone should know the real nature of this idea. Supporters of “art for art's sake” claim that their literature is “neutral,” but in this world neutrality has no meaning and these cowardly writers who are concerned with holding onto their wealth and their class position do not oppose - with the excuse of “neutrality” - the injustice, oppression, and exploitation of capitalism, nor the shallow thinking, religious bigotry, sexism, racism, or jingoism which capitalism has brought to the world. If they don't oppose capitalism and it's results, then they are supporting it, because lack of opposition means approval of the reigning regime, which is capitalism. Whoever tries to be “neutral” in this world will have to ignore the pained cries of the poor, the starving masses, and all the victims of imperialism and bigotry. We, however, are not neutral and have no desire to be, and so we present to you progressive literature which attacks the present social, political, and economic system, literature which fights against bigotry and shallowness of thought! We present to you progressive literature which stands by the working class, peasants, the poor, and all the oppressed of the world!

This site is but a small part of the struggle of socialists against the domination of bourgeois culture, and of course it is not enough. However, in the end we want to help our comrades all over the world in their revolutionary education and acquisition of knowledge, and we hope that this site will be of use to every comrade who visits it.