H Rap Brown: a well known leader in the civil rights struggle who later became an important figure in the Black Panthers. He wrote an autobiographical book detailing his political struggle which also documents life in the heart of racist amerika.

Assata Shakur: a Black Panther and later a member of the Black Liberation Army, an "urban guerrilla" group formed after the demise of the BPP. She was imprisoned for four years, before being broken out of prison and escaping into exile in Cuba. Wrote an Autobiography about her upbringing in racist amerika and the time she spent in prison.

Robert Williams
: a southern civil rights leader who was active in Monroe, North Carolina. He organized weapons training and an armed community defense program to protect the black citizens of Monroe from the fascist violence of the kkk. Was persecuted and later framed for his passionate and intelligent defense and organization of his community, forced into exile in Cuba. Wrote a book, Negroes with Guns, about his experience organizing the black community in Monroe.