Hugo Blanco
(1934 - )

Peruvian militant and trade-unionist. Blanco attended university in Argentina where he became a Trotskyist. After his return to Perú he became involved politically on the left and returned to his native region where he began organizing the peasants, eventually leading a peasant revolt against the landowners and government. Blanco was subsequently captured by the military and spent years in prison before he was deported to Chile two years before pinochet's coup. After the coup he took refuge in the Swedish embassy, from which he was able to seek asylum in Sweden. Spent years in exile, returning to Peru when conditions permitted. Later in life abandoned Trotskyism and became a supporter of "Zapatism" and "Ecosocialism." Blanco wrote an autobiographical book Land or Death (1971) [165 pages] about his participation in the peasant revolt, and more generally about the revolutionary struggle in rural Perú.