Renato Constantino


Filipino historian who wrote on the history of the Philippines from an anti-imperialist, leftist perspective.

The Philippines: A Past Revisited, From the Spanish Colonization to the Second World War: 471 pages. A comprehensive history of the Philippines written with special attention to the anti-imperialist movements. Starts the book by describing the economic and social development of Spanish colonialism in the Philippines as well as the changing economic and religious relations it caused. Constantino goes on to describe the various rebellions against the Spanish colonizer, culminating in the Revolution which definitively kicked out the Spanish. He then goes on to describe, and attack, the betrayal that was the alliance with the amerikans. Constantino then recounts the armed resistance to amerikan colonialism and it's subsequent repression, as well as the economic and political situation in the amerikan-controlled Philippines before the outbreak of WWII.