Roque Dalton


Communist poet from El Salvador, his short life was made up of exiles and imprisonments while he continued to produce poetry of the greatest value, artistically and politically, which showed his commitment to ending injustice forever. Incapable of living a calm life in exile he returned to El Salvador to join a leftist guerrilla group and was executed on command of the leadership of the group for his criticism (from the left) of its tactics. 

Miguel Marmol (1971): 457 pages. An autobiography (in Marmol's words, with the construction and literary touches made by Dalton) of one of the few well-known surviving members of the 1932 massacre of tens of thousands of normal El Salvadoran peasants and communists by fascist military dictator Maximiliano Martínez. Very interesting book, shows the heroic dedication of truly committed communists and also the negative influence stalinism had even on countries so far away from the Soviet Union (i.e. the effect of the so-called “ultra-leftist” line of the Stalinist Comintern at the time on the decision of the Communist Party of El Salvador to attempt a revolution in 1932). Explores the very beginning of the El Salvadoran Communist Party, how it was formed, and the influences on it and its activities until slightly after the 1932 massacre. Also interesting to read a prose work by the amazing Roque Dalton.

Books of Poetry
Clandestine Poems ; Poemas Clandestinos: 189 pages

Small Hours of the Night:
198 pages

Bad News on a Scrap of Newspaper

Distribution of People's Property

In the Future

On Biblical Business

Passing Truck

Some of the First Proposals for The Epitaph

Songs for Civilians

Statistics on Freedom

The Bourgeoisie

The Bureaucrats

The Cops and the Guards

Third Poem of Love

To Poetry

Two Religions


Variations on a Phrase by Christ


Ways of Dying