Eleni Fourtouni
(1933 - )

Greek socialist and active translator, poet and writer who has translated many works of poetry and written about the role of women in the Greek resistance and progressive movement. Fourtouni was born in a small mountain village in Lakonia, Greece and grew up during WWI, living first-hand the heroic resistance to the fascists. Studying in Athens after the war, she accepted a scholarship to an amerikan university. She maintained a strong connection to Greece and began writing and translating after a visit to Greece during the military-junta rule.

Greek Women in Resistance (1986): 158 pages. In the aftermath of WWII in Greece the western allies installed a fanatic right-wing military government which contained many fascists and nazi collaborators. What followed in the coming years was a wave of fascistic repression of the communists and the left in general.

This book focuses on the experiences of the leftist Greek women who were detained en-mass in concentration camps: brutal punishment for being politically involved on the left or for being a relative of a guerilla then fighting against the new fascist government. Fourtouni also documents the involvement of Greek women in the communist resistance during WWII: during the Italian fascist invasion, during the Nazi occupation, and then after they had liberated their own country, against the british military intervention. Making clear the essential contribution that women make in a revolutionary movement, Fourtouni also describes their incredible strength and almost mythical dedication and firmness.