Mobo Gao
(1952 - )

 Chinese leftist and academic. Born into a peasant family in a village in Jiangxi province. During the Cultural Revolution he worked for a time as a "barefoot teacher." In 1977 he left to study abroad, and now lives and teaches in Australia.

The Battle for China's Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution: 277 pages. An interesting book which deals mainly with the capitalist and imperialist smears of Mao as a blood-thirsty repressive fanatic. It disproves many of the baseless smears written and propagated against Mao and the Chinese communists during his time, as well as portraying the Cultural Revolution in a clear light, without exaggerations or smears. Also attacks the path that China took after the death of Mao, i.e. brutal capitalism with some elements of a welfare state.