Bernard Goldstein
(1889 - 1959)

Polish Jewish socialist, he became an important leader in the Jewish Labor Bund in Warsaw before WWII. A worker himself, he was mainly involved in trade union organizing, and was the head of the Bund's pre-war self-defense militia. During WWII he remained in the Warsaw Ghetto, continuing his Labor Bund work, urging the Jews in the Ghetto to resist and spreading the knowledge of the Nazis' real plans to kill all of them. Goldstein was the leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and personally directed the fighting from his hideout. and after it's definitive crushing was able to escape. He continued his involvement with the Polish Resistance till the end of the war, he also participated in the Warsaw Uprising. After the war he immigrated to amerika. Goldstein wrote a memoir Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto [239 pages] about his experiences during WWII.