One World
A war ended
like the explosion
    of a firecracker
    on a New Year’s eve.

The tears and blood
were not yet dry
    when the nations
    again exploded in war.

One world was to have been
    a Shangri-la
    of democracy.

The first steps
were taken:
    but the promised union
    soon split in partisanship.

Like a rice-cake
split in two
    were Germany
    and Korea.

a severed twin,
    and Indo-China
    a fruit cut up.

Gigantic China
and tiny Taipeh
    Like Goliath and David
    sharpening blades.

Rapidly the gulf
grows now
    between the East
    and the West.

One world?
What a dream!
    What is the mission
    of the atomic bomb?

Maybe the universe
will be united
    if Christ
    should come again.