Raul Honwana
(1905 - 1994)

An important figure in Mozambique during the days of colonialism, Honwana's family was firmly anti-colonial and had close connections with FRELIMO (The Front for the Liberation of Mozambique) which freed Mozambique of portugese colonialism. Honwana was also the father of famous Mozambican writer Luís Bernado Honwana. He wrote The Life History of Raul Honwana (1985) [141 pages] and in these memoirs he documents life in Mozambique from 1905 to 1975 the year of it's independence from portugal. A very eclectic book, more focused on various scattered reminiscences then on a strictly organized account of his life, it is perhaps for this very reason an interesting book to read that tells much about both the history of Mozambique before colonialism, as well as the pace and nature of life under portugese colonialism.