Maina wa Kinyatti

Kenyan Marxist historian considered one of the most important researchers on the Mau Mau (Kenyan national liberation group). Arrested for his opposition to the dictatorship of Daniel arap Moi, he was imprisoned for six and a half years, mostly in solitary confinement. Released in 1988, and unwilling to continue living under constant harassment in Kenya, he sought asylum abroad. In Kenya and abroad was a member of a small, underground Marxist group.

Kenya's Freedom Struggle: The Dedan Kimathi Papers: 146 pages. A history of the Mau Mau (national liberation group) and it's fight against British colonialism, Kinyatti uses original documents written during the struggle against the British in his analysis. Kinyatti also focuses on the famed leader of the Mau Mau, Dedan Kimathi (many of the documents were written by him or else concerned him), and this book might be considered an "inside" history, due to the heavy reliance on internal, first hand sources rather than biased British sources.

Mau Mau: A Revolution Betrayed: 137 pages. Focuses on the Mau Mau, in specific its organizational structure and details Dedan Kimathi's activities. Kinyatti also focuses heavily on the post-revolt transition of Kenya into a neo-colonial state with Kenyatta, then Moi as the supreme leader and "father of the nation." This book also refutes some of the lies and slander directed against the Mau Mau movement by its Kenyan and British opponents, and calls for appreciation of the Mau Mau's important and progressive role in the history of Kenya.

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