Ulrike Meinhof


German Marxist who became a well-known figure on the German left in part due to her articles in the leftist newspaper konkret. Originally a new-left type, in 1970, like many other leftists in western countries at the time she turned to "urban guerrillism."  Becoming one of the most prominent members of the Red Army Faction she was arrested in 1972 and found "hung" in her cell in 1976.

A Man with Good Manners



Dresden: Article which recounts the allied massacre of Dresden, it's civilian residents and foreign slave laborers, and the double standards applied when dealing with WWII history.

Everybody Talks About the Weather

False Consciousness

File Number XY; Dissolved: Passionate attack on television programs aimed at capturing "criminals" and against crime shows in general which scapegoat poor people and portray criminals as all sociopaths and not normal people whose lives are determined by circumstances and economic conditions.

From Protest to Resistance

Jurgen Bartsch and Society: A defense of homosexuality and an attack on the widespread discrimination against homosexuals. Also an exploration of the real causes of "crime" and how some people are pushed and molded by brutal capitalism to become brutal killers. Meinhof makes the point that it is easy to condemn a brutal murderer, but in the end cowardly if you stop there and do not expose and condemn the system, brutal capitalism, which alienated them and caused them to abandon their humanity.