On Fear

for days
we were run on fear
a fear of the unknown
we would turn day and night around
only to find
fear stares us in the eye
those were the days
when we walked through dense suspense
fearing the rustle of trees even
for leaves have been known to be ears
those days
fear spun us around her finger
unleashing us at will
tightening the grip unfeelingly
at night
each footfall in the yard
was a cold treading on our souls
each knock on the door
a hammering on our spirits
at the height of the detentions
whispered conversations marked our associations
for we heard of gruelling interrogations
where vulgar words
like unbridled horses
galloped one after another
from lips brutalized by abuse
we heard of searing screams
inhuman proceedings
being legalized articles
our comfort then
was in the thought that
fear is all-pervasive
burrowing here today
and there tomorrow
like a mole
and as we swear to loathe fear
it is our belief
we'll yet triumph over all fear.