Norbert Zongo

Burkinabé leftist novelist and journalist. Began work as a journalist in 1986, eventually starting his own newspaper in 1993. Regularly used his newspaper to denounce the corruption and incompetence of the Campaoré regime, and criticize it's subservience to France. In 1998 he was "disappeared" and executed by French puppet Blaise Campaoré, furious at Zongo's continual investigations of his corruption.

The Parachute Drop: 162 pages. Written about a fictional African country ruled by a despotic, French-allied, dictator, it is a brutal satire of the puppet dictator so common in Africa and elsewhere: cruel, idiotic, self-serving, unproductive leaches whose sole purpose is to assist foreign capitalists loot their country as they hoard the crumbs left over and impoverish their citizens. Beyond satirizing the many failures of the puppet dictator and their disgusting ruling "style," it also grotesquely portrays their insatiable thirst for power, and at the same time their complete irrelevance to their imperialist masters, who will depose them and replace them whenever it suits their own interests.