Black Leftists in amerika
From early black communists in amerika to the more leftist minded members of the "civil rights" movement who didn't give any attention to Martin Luther King Jr's talk of non-violence, to the Black Panthers, and later black "urban guerrillas," the works on this page are mainly memoirs from black radicals documenting their struggles against capitalism and the racist amerikan government.

Chinese Cultural Revolution
Started in 1966 by Mao, it ended in 1976 with his death. Officially against "capitalist roaders" in the party (many of whom actually went on to eliminate the progressive reforms of Mao's days), it was more generally against the stagnant, repressive bureaucracy. In many ways it was a popular movement against corrupt and elitist party members, as well as other officials who tried to control and exploit the people. It was also a movement against the traditional privileged status of cities and the subsequent neglect and underdevelopment of rural areas. During this time the Chinese people had more freedom of action and expression and engaged more vigorously in debate and literary creation, than any other people under a Stalinist regime. Several aspects of life, in certain areas at least, really attained a socialist-type organization, such as rural areas which were organized in communes, and with the expulsion of oppressive and corrupt officials and party bureaucrats, were able to organize and run the commune by themselves. A period worth study for open-minded leftists, it has a lot to offer to our revolutionary knowledge, even if it was started by a stalinist leader.

Communist Party of Indonesia
Founded in 1914 by Dutch socialist Henk Sneevliet (he lived briefly in Indonesia from 1913 to 1918) who was a real revolutionary: he fought fiercely against dutch colonialism, and in the twenties broke with the soviet-led communist movement and formed various anti-stalinist marxists organizations, he was executed by the Nazis in 1942 for leading a resistance group. The PKI was known for its independent line although for most of it's existence it was a follower of either the Soviet or Chinese line. At its height in the early 1960s it was considered the largest non-ruling communist party in the world. The anti-communist genocide of 1965-1966 put an end to the party.

Jewish Resistance to Fascism
From the early years of anti-fascist resistance in the ghettos of Eastern Europe to the partisan war in the forests which continued until the defeat of the nazis and after (against their local collaborators), Jewish resistance to fascism was a strong and significant feature of the struggle against the fascists in the east. The vast majority of the Jewish partisans and resistance fighters during WWII were members of progressive socialist (and  anti-zionist) organizations such as the Jewish Labor Bund and the Communist Party. The works on this page are memoirs from heroic anti-fascist Jews who decided consciously and bravely to resist and to fight the enemy of their people and of humanity at large.

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