Miscellaneous Fiction

The Voter by Chinua Achebe (1965): 10 pages, short story about corruption and vote-buying.

Vengeful Creditor by Chinua Achebe (1971): 21 pages, story story against the westernized upper-class in Nigeria and it's disregard for others, and its resemblance to the old british colonials. Also against the lack of free education and the unwillingness of the government to do anything about the state of education in Nigeria.

Clandestine in Chile by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1986): 120 pages, I have very little sympathy for Marquez, but in this book he basically just articulates the story which Miguel Littín told him over a period exceeding 18hrs (which Marquez tape recorded). It deals with the clandestine trip of leftist film director and writer Miguel Littín to pinochet-ruled Chile to film an anti-pinochet documentary. An eye-witness account of pinochet's Chile, it is also a help to getting to know this amazing progressive film maker.

Shattered Calabash by Tunde Fatunde (2002)
: 50 pages, a satirical play written by Nigerian leftist Tunde Fatunde, it attack neo-colonial regimes which, supported by their western masters, loot their countries in the interests of foreign companies and take their own cut in terms of bribes and general corruption and deposit it overseas. It also focuses on switzerland's sinister role in this due to its policy of fanatic secrecy, which has allowed it to become one of the richest countries by benefiting from the stolen wealth of dozens of countries.

The Parachute Drop by Norbert Zongo: 162 pages,

Tales from Seven Ghettos by Egon Erwin Kisch: 219 pages, a collection of short stories by famous communist journalist Egon Erwin Kisch, they detail the culture and conditions of various Jewish communities around the world as well as the roles of some unknown Jews in history.

One Day of Life by Manlio Argueta (1980): 214 pages,

To Bury our Fathers by Sergio Ramirez
(1975) : 250 pages,